China NCPA Octet debut concert

Edited by Neco Verbis —

On November 5, China NCPA Octet, the resident chamber music ensemble of NCPA, and the first permanent octet in China, held their debut concert in the Multi-functional Theatre of NCPA.12196121_899837353426456_7435320635527912634_n

As a resident chamber ensemble of NCPA, China NCPA Octet is the first permanent octet in China. It consists of eight great musicians, namely Zhang Jingye (First Violin), Yang Rui (Second Violin), Hao Xuejia (Viola), Chu Yi-Bing (Cello), Liu Yimei (Double Bass), Yin Yi (Flute), Chen Sijun (Clarinet) and Li Dawei (Piano). After days of rehearsal and run-in, they gave their elaborately planned debut concert at the Multi-Functional Theatre of NCPA in the evening of November 5.

China NCPA Octet is the joint effort the enthusiastic musicians achieved on the wide platform for art at NCPA. Among the eight artists, we have great performers at NCPA and even leading figures in China’s music scene. They join each other at NCPA to form the first permanent octet in China with virtuosity and tacit cooperation. Cattura.JPGchina

The programme of this concert covered classical music, folk music and those arranged from film score, such as Overture to Die Fledermaus, On the Beautiful Blue Danube, Schone Rosmarin, Zigeunerweisen, Op. 20, Caribe composed by Michel Camilo, Bollywood Medley by Jatin Lalit and a suite adapted from the Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof. Moreover, the finale My Motherland and I, a piece composed by NCPA resident composer Cai Dongzhen, was in every sense the climax of the night. All eight musicians understood each other well enough and worked well with each other. They drew music from the keys and strings, with a kind of lingering sweetness in this cold Autumn night.

In their future plan they will take the audience to roam the vast oceans of both Western classical and oriental music, especially popular Chinese music. This will present endless innovation of musical ideas and subtleness of octet with diverse programmes and thus will bring the audience a whole new classical music experience.